Brandon The Nurse

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Brandon Newsom was our guest this week on The Job Search Boot Camp Show. Brandon story may sound like a familiar (or even personal) tale. He wasn’t happy where he worked. He had a family to support, so he thought there wasn’t any way out. He started becoming depressed.

His wife saw what was happening, and helped him to make a decision to hire someone to help him on the way. He went through our program, and today Brandon is working at a hospital while studying to be a nurse. He saves lives and loves his work. Listen to the steps Brandon took on the replay of our show “Stepping Into The Perfect Career”,

Disabled Workers

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Companies are not forced to hire those with disabilities, but those companies that do win my respect. I will continue to support Disney because of their choice to hire those with disabilities. Sound off in our comments of other companies. That company will get my respect (and possibly my business), and you may be helping someone living with a disability.

Work Everyday Of The Year?

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According to a survey by Capital One Bank, twenty-five percent of working Americans said they would work every day of the week if it meant doubling their salary. Every day of the year??? When work and play merge it is possible to work every day and enjoy every minute of it! Finding that career you love where time flies and having fun become the norm makes it possible to work/play every day of the year.

Behavioral Interviews

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One of the most annoying (yes…I said it…annoying) types of interview is the behavioral interview. These questions begin with “Tell me about a time when…..” These questions are designed to see how you think under pressure, determine how you handled a past situation, and decipher how you can weave a story. A popular method for answering behavioral interview question is the C-A-R method. C-A-R (also known as S-A-R or S-T-A-R) stands for Challenge, Action, Result. We walk through an example of using the C-A-R method.

2011 Best Companies To Work For

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There are many lists available that you can use to research companies that fit your criteria. Fortune Magazine has one of the best. They just published their 2011 Best Companies To Work For. These 100 companies have been nominated by their employees, and for the second year in a row the North Carolina based SAS is #1 on the list. Among the raw list is also some pretty nifty sub-divided lists and interactive searches.

Starting From Where You Are

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n our show on Saturday we had special guest Linda Wilson. Linda, her parents, and 5 sisters lost their homes in hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Linda had made extra payments on her house to pay her home off early, but now all that was gone. She and her family moved to Austin, Texas and started over, but it was at the height of the economic downturn. Even with her MBA and 25+ years of human resources experience, she found herself out of work for over 2 years. She began creating designer portfolio and business accessories, and sent them to well known people like Michelle Obama, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Arianna Huffington, and Oprah’s best friend Gail King. All of which contacted her to thank her. It’s an amazing story, and her story is featured in Arianna Huffington’s book Third World America.

Sausage Machine

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We met Tom Cassidy of e2a+ last week while he was on vacation from his home in London. Tom married a Texan, and they were back in Austin to visit family. He contacted us when he happened to see the article in the JobsPlus section of the Austin American Statesman.

Tom explained he works with clients in England who are going through career change. His process, however, brings in his background in science. He had us on the edge of our seat when he was explaining the quantum theory behind the movie The Secret.