Homeless To Super Bowl

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I’m sure you may have seen many unfortunate homeless people asking for change at stoplights or on corners. Ted Williams was born in New York, and after having issues with drugs & alcohol he found himself homeless on the streets of Cleveland, Ohio. This story should remind us that it isn’t only our work that benefits when we use our gifts as they are intended — It will transform our life.

Set ONE Goal for 2011

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People end up where they usually expect to end up. If you expect to just “go through the motions” of life, then you will just go through the motions. If you expect great things, you’ll achieve great things. Just about 8% of the general population ever actually make goals, and only 3% actually write then down. It’s the 4th day of 2011. Have you made any goals for 2011? It’s not too late.

Right Now Could Be The Right Time To Change Careers

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It’s 8:05am on the first day back to work in 2011. Are you sitting in your cubicle wondering how you go to this point in your life? When you were 9 years old did you dream that you would be doing what you are doing — now that you are 30, 40, 50, or 99 years old? When asked what we wanted to be when we were 9 years old, we may have answered a Pop Star, Astronaut, Pilot, Doctor, Army man/woman, etc. No one – at least no one that I have ever come across – dreamed of being an Actuary, Customer Service Representative, Cashier, or etc. What happened? How did things get off course? Or did life take a better course since many of you have exceeded your dreams?

Careers In Wind Energy

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Many people like music, acting, racing cars, or countless other hobbies or interests which they would like to turn into income. Many say: “I wish I could figure out a way to make money doing x” (where x is the hobby). Don’t discount the supporting careers. Finding an industry or path that excites you is the best way to finding work you love!

Chill Out Jack, You’re A Civilian Now!

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We completed 22 episodes of The Job Search Boot Camp Show this year. That makes a total of 42 episodes of our show with almost 17,000 downloads! This year we’ve discussed some great topics with tips and advice from experts on resumes, franchising, branding, motivation, technology and much more. We had some outstanding interviews with guests like Kathy Lansford-Powell who has been running the largest job club in central Texas for over 20 years, and another interview on business ownership with someone who was laid off from his career after 17 years of service and was in the beginning stages of business ownership.

Those shows are archived as podcasts on iTunes. If you aren’t an iTunes user, you can browse the shows at The Show Page.

This last show of 2010 featured Rhonda Moncibais of Synergy First & Associates. Rhonda is a visionary with her focus on helping men & women leaving the military to transition successfully into the civilian workplace.

5 Quick Career Changes For 2011

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Yahoo Education wrote an aritcle on the top 5 career changes for 2011 which take less than one year of training. For those who don’t have the means, mindset, or patience for 4 years of training could consider these top 5 growing careers.