Attitude Strategies – because “Attitude is everything!”

Staying upbeat and positive during your job search or a career change can be extremely challenging. Doubts can creep in at every turn. It all seems like a series of rejections and actions without results. Yesterday, my friend and fellow career expert, Regina Moser observed that her clients who have a positive attitude, a “it’s going to happen no matter what” belief, seem to be doing much better in this employer’s job market…

The Basics of Blogging, An Advanced Job Search Strategy

If you enjoy “talking” shop about your field or craft and if you’re a pretty decent writer, then you might want to give blogging a try. It’s a great strategy for career development in general, and it could be an excellent strategy to increase your online presence during your career transition. My favorite blogger who has combined his passion for his profession with his observations about…

How Many Calls Is Too Many?

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Everyone is busy, and the hiring manager is no exception. Yesterday we talked about the importance of a making a phone call to the hiring manager, but how many times should you call before you hurt your chances for an interview?

Do You Know How Busy I Am?!?

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Workers and Managers are busier than ever being bombarded by emails. The overflow of information is overwhelming. Hiring managers are no different. They are overloaded, and are juggling something they would not rather do – screening and interviewing a cadre of candidates. Their regular day-to-day job is busy enough, and now they need to review resumes and interview candidates. And a simple call can be the difference between a job and a rejection pile.

Internal Jobs

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When considering applying for an internal job, make a personal connection when possible. Setup time with the hiring manager to find out more about the position. This lets you find out more about the position to see if this is truly a fit. It also allows you to find the pain points the manager is dealing with, what’s working in the group, what isn’t working, the manager’s style, and the dynamics of the group. You can also determine fit and see if this is the position for you. This type of information helps any job candidate have an advantage during the application process.

Age Discrimination: Job Search Advice For Those At Age 60+

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There is a growing segment of those at age 60+ who are making the concept of retirement outdated. They either have no desire to stop working or they don’t have the luxury of retiring because they tied up their retirement money in 401Ks that went south with the stock market during the recession. Among the key issues that seem to be challenging this group include: worries about age discrimination; concerns about privacy in building an online presence…

Job Interview: 9 Etiquette Tips For A Great 1st Impression Handshake

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This is basic stuff, but sometimes it’s the basic things that will make or break you. So, if you already know these things, great! Consider this a review! 1. Make sure your hands are clean and your nails are well-clipped and manicured. 2. You don’t want to offer a cold hand, so be sure…