“Why should I hire you over the other guy?”

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When you get into the interview process, you need to be able to answer the question, “Why should I hire you over the other guy?” Your answer needs to be stronger than providing a list of past tasks and experience. Yesterday, Jay talked about behavioral-based questions. He called them annoying…

Behavioral Interviews

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One of the most annoying (yes…I said it…annoying) types of interview is the behavioral interview. These questions begin with “Tell me about a time when…..” These questions are designed to see how you think under pressure, determine how you handled a past situation, and decipher how you can weave a story. A popular method for answering behavioral interview question is the C-A-R method. C-A-R (also known as S-A-R or S-T-A-R) stands for Challenge, Action, Result. We walk through an example of using the C-A-R method.

Attitude, Passion, Selling It & Acing The Interview

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This week I spoke to a gentleman on the west coast who told me that at the age of 51 and having struggling with health issues for the last year, he’s ready to just get a job – forget what he’s passionate about. Mmmm…. Well, if you’re familiar with my take on things, you know I didn’t let that pass. I told him about a…

Tough Interview Questions – Dealing with the Dark Side, Part II

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In part one of Tough Interview Questions – Dealing with the Dark Side, we looked at the most challenging interview question that can trip up even the most seasoned professional: “What is your greatest weakness?” Today, I want to discuss how to answer this question, look at possible other dark-side questions you might get during the interview process and how to prepare yourself to give authentic answers that impress the prospective employer. First, let’s take on how to answer the weakness question…

Tough Interview Questions – Dealing with the Dark Side, Part I

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Today, I want to address a particular question that seems to trip up even the most confident interviewee: “What is your greatest weakness?” Early in my career, back when I was a recruiter, I used to ask these questions separately: What is your greatest strength?; What is your greatest weakness?; What do you like most about your job?; and What do you dislike most about your job? After a while I began to notice similarities. The answers I received from job candidates kept proving over and over that…

Personal Branding: Skills Versus Talents

I’ve addressed this topic of skills versus talents before in the Daily Career Blog, but yesterday one of my clients emailed me asking for additional clarification. It’s a critical to know who you are and what you bring to the table, so I want to give you this important piece of information. Yes, it’s a fact. Prospective employers do care about your skills when you apply for their positions. However, you will encounter a lot of competition in the job market for those same skills. You have x skills and so does the other candidate who’s vying for the same job. What could set you apart though is your…

Answering Illegal Interview Questions

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What Is An Illegal Interview Question? Various state and federal laws require employers to refrain from asking questions in certain protected categories, such as national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, disabilities, arrest and conviction record, military discharge status, race, gender and pregnancy status.

Interview Jitters

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In my book, What You Need To Know To Get A Job Now!, I discuss interview jitters and encourage you to seek to understand the interviewer’s point of view. Maybe they’re nervous too. Here’s the excerpt: Easy to say don’t be nervous. Hard to do, right? Sweaty palms and butterflies in the stomach are part and parcel of the whole trauma of meeting strangers and then trying to knock their socks off. But know this… the interviewer is possibly as nervous as you are. Have you ever stopped to consider that the interviewer is trying…

Two Minute Interview

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Companies will continue to find ways to help them screen out candidates. Pre-employment tests are widely used when the candidate submits a resume to cut down on unqualified applicants. One company in Birmingham, Alabama found a creative use of technology which saves them time screening candidates for each of their positions.