“Informational Interview” Is NOT Synonymous With “Informal Job Interview”

As you know, informational interviewing is supposed to be about general information gathering… and not about asking for job leads or for trying to get someone to hire or recommend you for their organization. Unfortunately many job seekers have “abused” this notion. They’ve made the term informational interview synonymous with “I’m looking for a job with your organization and would like to talk to you about myself with the hope you will hire me.” So, in a way, the term “informational interview” has become synonymous with “informal job interview.” Therefore, those being approached are often…

“It’s Yours To Lose”

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The interview is the MOST IMPORTANT component of the job search. It should always be approached as “it’s yours to lose!” It’s where the resumes, hand shaking/networking, company targeting, and hard work comes together. It is knowing that the first 10 seconds can sink all that time and effort getting to here. It is being prepared, and doing the 50/50. Talking 50% of the time, and listening 50% of the time.

Dale Carniegie says to be a good listener, “try honestly to see things from the other person’s point of view.” He suggests to think of L-A-D-D-E-R to be a good listener:

Know Your Value, Get Hired: 3 Essential Ingredients for Job Search Success

1st: Research yourself. If you’re preparing for an interview, you spend time researching the company. You will look at LinkedIn and Google to find info on the person who’s interviewing you, you will look at Yahoo Finance to find out the company’s financials, etc. This is great to do, and, of course, you should do this, but before you even put yourself out there for the interview process, you need to know a few very important things about yourself first…

Job Search Tips: Dressing for interview success

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As far as I’m concerned, Martin Yate’s book, Knock ‘em Dead, is the definitive how-to book on interviewing. He covers everything from what to ask to what to wear.

We’ve had a little fun with the whole dressing for interview success topic before, but today we’re more serious. Today, we’re looking at some some very specific tips based on what Yate says.