Do You Know How Busy I Am?!?

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by Jay Markunas, Career Consultant

This weekend some family friends were passing through Austin.  We went out to dinner.  I was asked a question I hear quite a bit.  which is:  “I sent in my resume, and it’s been a <insert time value – two weeks, a week, 3 days>.  Should I call them?” The answer to that question is…..YES!

“Do you know how busy I am?!?”
Workers and Managers are busier than ever being bombarded by emails.  The overflow of information is overwhelming.  Hiring managers are no different.  They are overloaded, and are juggling something they would rather not have to do – screening and interviewing a cadre of candidates.  Their regular day-to-day job is busy enough, and now they need to review resumes and interview candidates.

Yes.  You should call.  A  simple call can be the difference between a job and a rejection pile.  When you call, you should tell the hiring manager you are sending a clean copy of your resume “since the format may have shifted” when you submitted it online.  Also,  ask if you could have 10 minutes to discuss the position in more detail.  Even if you don’t make a direct connection and leave a voice mail, you’ve helped yourself by making that phone call.

Always follow the company procedures by applying online or directly to HR, but making a connection with the hiring manager can help your chances significantly.

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