I have an interview TOMORROW. Any Advice?

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by Jay Markunas

I received an email question from someone :

“A good friend of mine has an interview with a recruiter tomorrow. I was wondering if you have any practical advice for her?”

My response to the friend:

“For any job it starts with being informed. I would recommend lots of research – the company, the job, the folks you interview with, the market, competition, why is that company better than its competitors, etc.

An interview with a Recruiter is going to establish if you have the qualifications.  An interview with the Hiring Manager is going to determine if you are a good fit for the job/team.   These are different types of interviews.

You’ll do great. Just be prepared and be authentic. Best of luck!”

It’s simple and succinct, but it’s the truth.  Being authentic and informed is the best way to ACE an interview!

Knowing your audience – is it a recruiter or hiring manager – is key.  A Recruiter looks & listens for a qualifications fit.  A Hiring Manager looks & listens for fit with the team, the job, and the company.  These are two different types of interviews, and should be handled differently.






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