4 Proven Principles For Creating A Life Worth Living


With selected material from the “Go For It!” part of The CareerFinder™ Method, this short program (less than 45 minutes) contains 4-modules that will help you get focused, set goals, keep your momentum, and get results. It’s a great introduction course for the full CareerFinder™ Method program.

Program Description

To make a successful career shift – and, really, to get anything you want in life – you need a good plan, flexibility and strong focus. It also takes persistence and fortitude to stay on task in spite of possible distractions and the “dead ends” or “set backs” which occasionally crop up along the way.

Using selected material from the “Go For It!” Module of their popular program, “The CareerFinder™ Method,” Jay Markunas and Angela Loëb help you get focused, set goals, keep your momentum and get results.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Get 3 tips on how to stretch your imagination and think “possibility”
  • Learn 5 proven techniques to get what you want and why they work
  • Find out about 2 practical methods to personally empower yourself, stay focused and make it happen

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone making a big change in life that takes time, as well as a lot of focus and perseverance. Particularly useful for anyone making a career change.

NOTE: Originally recorded on June 22, 2010, the purpose of this course is to give some valuable tips while introducing a few of the concepts for a successful career change. For the more comprehensive course, please check out the complete CareerFinder™ program, which comes with nearly 3 hours of video and a 65-page guide, by clicking HERE.

About the Instructors:

Angela Loëb and Jay Markunas have successfully advised professionals on career management and transition strategies for a combined 40+ years. Together they inform, inspire and engage audiences with their unique approach of balancing the positive and the practical. More about them here:  http://greatoccupations.com/about.

Program Outline

Principle #1 – Stretch Your Imagination

Principle #2 – Pick A Path To Create Your Vision

Principle #3 – Plan Regular Meetings With Yourself

Principle #4 – Don’t Go It Alone