CareerFinder™ Method: READY… SET… GO FOR IT!


The average person spends well over 2000 hours every year at work and less than ½ love their jobs.

What about you? How have you been spending your 2000 + working hours this year?

If the lines between work and play are not blurred for you, then don’t waste any more time wishing – life is way too short!

When you find the work you love, you never “work” a day in your life. Find the work you love with the CareerFinder™ Method and never “work” again!

Includes: 20 video lectures (each 15 minutes or less) and a 65-page CareerFinder™ Guide filled with exercises, tools and resources.

Program Description


When making a major career shift, more than 60% of the effort involves self-assessing and research. For most people, this is the hardest part. With the CareerFinder™ Method, you’ll go through a step-by-step exploration process to accelerate your results. You’ll also get practical planning tools and tips to keep you focused.

Adapted from our webinar recorded in Spring 2010, this course will take you through the steps of finding the right career for you – the career you’ll love!

During this program, you will go through three main modules (we call them READY… SET… GO FOR IT!). In addition to watching video lectures, you’ll be offered the opportunity to stop and do exercises in the CareerFinder™ Method Guide along the way.

What others are saying…

“It basically acted as a filter and helped me to get all of my thoughts from my head out into a structured architecture so I could apply it to a plan and do what I want to do.” ~Simone Fuselier

“Knowing that I am helping people to have a better quality of life gives me a feeling I can’t even put into words. I never feel regret at the end of the day — I come home from work happy every day. I think it is the most fulfilling career that there is.” ~Brandon Newsom

Click HERE to read more about Brandon Newsom, Simone Fuselier and how the CareerFinder™ Method helped them. (Source: Austin American-Statesman article by Mauri Elbel)

About the Instructors:

Angela Loëb and Jay Markunas have successfully advised professionals on career management and transition strategies for a combined 40+ years. Together they inform, inspire and engage audiences with their unique approach of balancing the positive and the practical. More about them here:

NOTE: This program specifically focuses on the steps for finding and changing your career. If you’ve already chosen a career you love, but you’re looking for a new job within that career, consider taking our Job Search Boot Camp courses. Click HERE for more information about what’s covered in those programs.

Program Outline



  • Shifting Work Models & Statistics
  • Identifying Your Tangibles
  • Identifying Your Intangibles
  • Identifying Your Top Accomplishments
  • Career Assessments
  • Your Dreams
  • The Dark Side
  • READY Module Conclusion


  • What Does The Market Want?
  • Networking Methods For Career Change
  • What Do You Need To Get?
  • What Do You Do When You Can Go In Several Directions?
  • SET Module Conclusion


  • What Do You Need To Do To Shift (pt. 1)?
  • What Do You Do To Shift (pt. 2)?
  • What Do You Do To Shift (pt. 3)?
  • What Do You Do To Stay Focused?
  • What Do You Do To Go Beyond GO FOR IT?
  • CareerFinder™ Method Conclusion