Mini Job Search Boot Camp: The Sampler Course


What am I going to get from this course?

Get a taste of Angela’s and Jay’s style for free… plus a few insider tips for readying your your resume, aiming your search strategy, and preparing for the interview. You’ll gain some practical ideas on how to take the first step in finding the work you love. Contains 3.5 hours of on-demand video and 1 hour of on-demand audio.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who’s looking for a job they’ll love in the US market or with a US-based employer.


Program Description

So, here’s how it happened. It was one of those “Eureka!” moments… sort of like Archimedes’ sudden insight while in the bathtub… except Jay was in the shower when he got the idea to do a 3-part seminar to help job seekers in 2009.

That idea became the Job Search Boot Camp, a live, half-day program covering important topics such as resumes, personal brand, search strategy, interviewing and salary negotiation.

And we ended up doing more than just one seminar that year. We did three… and a whole lot of Mini Job Search Boot Camps at local job clubs, churches and community centers.

This particular Mini Job Search Boot Camp program is not a traditional course that you would take in a linear fashion. Rather, it’s a compilation of video snippets from some of our presentations, a few selected lectures from our full program, selected articles from our Career Blog, as well as some recordings from our online radio show and a few other goodies.

Basically, we’ve pulled together some great pieces of what we teach in the much longer, in-depth Job Search Boot Camp courses, READY, AIM & GET HIRED!

In this program, you will:

  • Get insider tips for readying your resume from two seasoned career experts.
  • Find out why getting clarity and knowing your personal brand is so important in today’s job market.
  • Learn about a search strategy that is 86% effective in getting you a job.
  • Get advice on how to prepare well so you ACE the interview.
  • Gain some practical ideas on how to take the first step in finding the work you love.

By the way, you can find all of the archived recordings of the Job Search Boot Camp Show (2009-2011) at

And you can read more than 300 career articles by clicking HERE.


The Total Job Search Boot Camp is a 3-course program. Each course is available at the following links:

Ready Yourself, Ready Your Resume
Aim Your Search

Program Outline

Module 1: Selected Lectures From The Total Job Search Boot Camp Series

  • READY – Summary Section (Resume)
  • AIM – Networking (Search Strategy)
  • GET HIRED! – Success Tips (Interviewing)

Module 2: Selected Articles by Jay and Angela From the Career Blog Archives

  • Top 3 Reasons You May Not Be Getting The Job
  • Enthusiasm
  • Our “Power Years” Give Us A Second Chance To Pursue Happiness

Module 3: Greatest Hits – From the Archives of the Job Search Boot Camp Show

  • Listener Mail
  • Leveraging LinkedIn for Your Career Transition
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Webbing – The New Art of Networking
  • You Don’t Have To Go It Alone
  • Working With Recruiters
  • Job Search: What’s Your Plan?

Module 4: Video Tidbits

  • Angela – On Clarity & Your Personal Brand
  • Highlights from the Live READY Webcast – Feb 18, 2010
  • Angela – Tips On Job Search Strategies
  • Jay – Tips On Interviewing

Module 5: Introducing Yourself During A Career Transition

Module 6: Taking The First Step – Dialogues from The Job Search Boot Camp Show

Module 7: Recommended Reading