Age Discrimination: Job Search Advice For Those At Age 60+

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There is a growing segment of those at age 60+ who are making the concept of retirement outdated. They either have no desire to stop working or they don’t have the luxury of retiring because they tied up their retirement money in 401Ks that went south with the stock market during the recession. Among the key issues that seem to be challenging this group include: worries about age discrimination; concerns about privacy in building an online presence…

8 Things You Need to Do to Make a Great First Impression

I remember getting counseled as a youngster that people will form an opinion about you in the first few minutes of meeting you. First few minutes? That was then, this is now. I did an Internet search and found varying answers to the question, “How long does it take to make a first impression?” Some websites and articles said 7 seconds, some said 17, yet others said 30 seconds. In 2006, I attended a conference in San Francisco in which the expert speaker at our conference luncheon said that nowadays it takes only…

What You Get Out Of “Giving Back”

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by Angela Loëb On Monday, in one of the career transition networking groups that I sometimes facilitate, we discussed our favorite ways to network and shared what seemed to benefit us the most. Many of us in the room talked … Continued

Your Attitude Is Showing – Don’t Let It Sabotage You!

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By Angela Loeb Your words, phrases & body language reflect your attitude. Unless you are an award-winning actor or a con-artist extraordinaire, it’s very difficult to disguise your underlying attitude in your verbal and non-verbal communication. If you lack confidence, … Continued

Your Attitude Affects Your Body Language From The Inside Out

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By Angela Loeb Yesterday I gave practical tips about body language.  Today we address the main source of your unconscious body language, which I believe holds the key to career success, job search results, happiness in your home life, quality … Continued

Is Your Body Language “Saying” What You Want Them To “Hear”?

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by Angela Loëb How you communicate with your body language is extremely important during networking and interviewing. It’s a huge factor in how well you communicate and “sell” the concept of brand you. Jan Hargrave, international body language consultant & … Continued