Brandon The Nurse

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Brandon Newsom was our guest this week on The Job Search Boot Camp Show. Brandon story may sound like a familiar (or even personal) tale. He wasn’t happy where he worked. He had a family to support, so he thought there wasn’t any way out. He started becoming depressed.

His wife saw what was happening, and helped him to make a decision to hire someone to help him on the way. He went through our program, and today Brandon is working at a hospital while studying to be a nurse. He saves lives and loves his work. Listen to the steps Brandon took on the replay of our show “Stepping Into The Perfect Career”,

VP of Monster Talks About Best Strategies for Job Hunting

The video below (click here if you’re not reading this at the site) features Gabriel Bouchard, VP of, who talks about the “hidden job market” and says that in addition to looking for a job online, you need to leverage relationships in your network. In 2:38 minutes, Bouchard summarizes very well the most critical things you need to know about effective job hunting. In addition to networking to find jobs that aren’t posted, he suggests you…