Internal Jobs

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When considering applying for an internal job, make a personal connection when possible. Setup time with the hiring manager to find out more about the position. This lets you find out more about the position to see if this is truly a fit. It also allows you to find the pain points the manager is dealing with, what’s working in the group, what isn’t working, the manager’s style, and the dynamics of the group. You can also determine fit and see if this is the position for you. This type of information helps any job candidate have an advantage during the application process.

3 Quick and Easy Tips for Writing a Better Cover Letter

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If you asked me for help with or feedback about your cover letter, I’d very likely point you to the very good sampling of cover letters and articles on the topic at And I’d probably give you some standard tips that I know work well – ones that you might not even see at the great resource I just named.

Here are 3 of my best suggestions for writing a better cover letter…