Part 1: How to Prepare for an Interview with an Executive

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A client has been interviewing for a fantastic opportunity that seems to match up well with the definition of her ideal job. She’s made it through the phone screening with the recruiter. She aced the interview with the hiring manager. Next up is round 3 with the VP of the division, a gentleman who came up through the ranks and has been with the company for a long time. She asked me: “What questions can I expect to be asked; what is the rationale behind each question asked; and can you give me hypothetical answers or best approaches to each?” Good question!…

Behavioral Interviews

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One of the most annoying (yes…I said it…annoying) types of interview is the behavioral interview. These questions begin with “Tell me about a time when…..” These questions are designed to see how you think under pressure, determine how you handled a past situation, and decipher how you can weave a story. A popular method for answering behavioral interview question is the C-A-R method. C-A-R (also known as S-A-R or S-T-A-R) stands for Challenge, Action, Result. We walk through an example of using the C-A-R method.

Tough Interview Questions – Dealing with the Dark Side, Part I

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Today, I want to address a particular question that seems to trip up even the most confident interviewee: “What is your greatest weakness?” Early in my career, back when I was a recruiter, I used to ask these questions separately: What is your greatest strength?; What is your greatest weakness?; What do you like most about your job?; and What do you dislike most about your job? After a while I began to notice similarities. The answers I received from job candidates kept proving over and over that…