Resume Basics: Styles – The Chronological Resume

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Today I was talking to a colleague about resumes. I told her that I think that most people know the basics, which is why I spend so much time on the more strategic uses for resumes and provide a lot of tips on advanced concepts. She had a differing opinion, pointing out that many people are tackling a job search for the first time during these challenging economic times. She’s right, of course. So, today, I’m going back to the basics…

Resumes, Resumes, Resumes!

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We visited with Michael Kranes on our Show. He is an award-winning Certified Advanced Resume Writer, and has been nominated for Most Creative Resume, Best Militiary Transition Resume, and Best Technical Resume in the Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards.

Career Wizard

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Finding a job takes work. We know the pain and anguish over not being employed. Quite frankly, it sucks. When we have a job we hate working. When we don’t have a job, we can’t wait to work. Finding that balance of doing “something you love” for a “company you respect” is the recipe for work you love. Whether you are looking for work or looking for work you love, make sure you are taking the steps to find that Great Occupation!

Ready Yourself for Your Job Search – Get Clear About What You Have

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After you get clear of the baggage and get clear about what you want, you want to get clear about what you have to offer. In the READY module of the Job Search Boot Camp, we like to call this your Value Proposition. Below are 4 areas we suggest you self-examine so you can bring it all together for a prospective employer. This will be especially important for when you’re faced with that all-important question, “Why should I hire you?”

Ready Yourself for Your Job Search – Get Clear About What you Want

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“When you are clear, what you want will show up in your life, and only to the extent you are clear.” –Janet Attwood. The 2nd phase of readying yourself after you get clear of the baggage is to describe your Ideal Preferences. In other words, what do you want out of your next career adventure? In the READY module of the Job Search Boot Camp, there are 3 areas we recommend you examine, each entailing an easy exercise so you…

Ready Yourself for Your Job Search – Get Clear of the Baggage

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In the READY module of the Job Search Boot Camp we not only teach about getting your resume ready, we teach about getting YOU ready for your job search. There are 3 parts to this process of readying yourself. Part I is “Get Clear of the Baggage.” Why do you want to get clear of the baggage? After all, if you have a good resume and your skills are in demand, you should be able to get what you want pretty easily. Not necessarily – not if you are carrying around worry, anger or any sort of baggage about your current or past career situation. Studies show…

Now, what exactly do you mean by keywords?

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She asked me, “Now, exactly what do you mean by keywords?”

I had just told my client who relocated to Austin from a country on the other side of the globe to come up with some strong keywords for her LinkedIn profile – we were going to work together on her “Summary” and “Specialties” sections. Well, how do you explain something that you have taken for granted so many years? When I was a recruiter, I used keywords to…

Know Your Value, Get Hired: 3 Essential Ingredients for Job Search Success

1st: Research yourself. If you’re preparing for an interview, you spend time researching the company. You will look at LinkedIn and Google to find info on the person who’s interviewing you, you will look at Yahoo Finance to find out the company’s financials, etc. This is great to do, and, of course, you should do this, but before you even put yourself out there for the interview process, you need to know a few very important things about yourself first…

Job Hunting: Coming Full Circle 1937 to 2010

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by Angela Loeb I’ve been reading the classic inspirational book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  It seems that even back in 1937, the targeted job search method was the way to go! Hill refers to what Jay and … Continued