To Act On True Callings Requires Courage & Faith In Yourself

I’ve been skimming through a book called Callings: Finding and following an authentic Life by Gregg Levoy. It’s about vocational callings. The dictionary definition says that a vocation is “a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.” Being “called,” as Levoy puts it, is to be summoned away…

What About Passion?

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Dan Miller, the Author of “48 Day To The Work You Love”, said in an interview on the Early Show that college kids put more thought into where they are going for spring break than they do into the career they will have the rest of their life! John Meredith, Sr. – a teacher, leader, and musician, was a man of passion. He lived a life that used all his gifts.

Pay Attention to What Gets Your Attention

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Finding a career direction is generally one of the hardest things to identify for workers who have been in a career for so long. Paying attention to what gets your attention can help identify your career direction.