The Job Search Boot Camp And Show

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For many episodes Angela and I have hosted The Job Search Boot Camp Show with special guests and career experts.  Show statistics have shown that our Job Search Boot Camp “mini-edition” has pulled in the most listeners.  When our guest this week had to cancel, we were able to get back to the basics in this fun and informative show!

The Job Search Boot Camp started as a half-day seminar where we taught people how to READY-AIM-GET HIRED!  In this three step process – which we now have recorded and offer on our website at a significantly reduced price, and in different modules so you can pick and choose your modules – we teach you the steps to get the job you want quicker and easier.

Click HERE to tune in for this special broadcast.  Grab a pen and paper and learn a few points about resumes, job search strategy, and interviewing.  It’s a jam-packed show with great information.  You’ll be glad you listened!

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