VP of Monster Talks About Best Strategies for Job Hunting

By Angela Loëb

Click here to see a video on YouTube featuring Gabriel Bouchard, VP of Monster.ca, who talks about the “hidden job market” and says that in addition to looking for a job online, you need to leverage relationships in your network.

In 2:38 minutes, Bouchard summarizes very well the most critical things you need to know about effective job hunting.  In addition to networking to find jobs that aren’t posted, he suggests you:

– Develop an error free, well-formatted resume that delivers the key message about your fit to the job.

– Keep in mind that many companies, especially large ones, are using ATS (Applicant Tracking System) processes, so you must have keywords on your resume that make it easier for you to be found when they search their database.

– Research as much as possible prior to the interview, especially focusing on finding all information relevant to your position.  Use the internet and ask around in your network.

– Ask good questions during the interview about things you can’t easily learn about through the company’s website.  Dig into their day-to-day expectations, ask about the expectations of the boss, etc.


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