What Happened?!?!

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by Jay Markunas, Career Consultant

You may be asking yourself  “what happened to the Great Occupations blog yesterday?”  Where were those informative words?  Those humorous stories?  The information I need so badly?  You may have noticed the site was down this weekend.  Our platform did an upgrade, and let me tell ya….wait a few days (or weeks) before you upgrade your platform.  Today’s blog post has nothing to do with job search – unless I can tie it in somewhere.  Today is about having a backup (plan — hooray…I can tie it it!).

I’m pretty tech savvy, and coding web pages is not a mystery to me.  Honestly, I do it every day at a large Fortune 50 company where I run projects that deal with internal human resources web sites and systems.  My error in this particular situation with the Great Occupations site was not having a backup.  If I had planned out my strategy better – rather than hitting a button that said “upgrade” on our site, then I would have some peace of mind.  I needed a “backup plan”.  Lesson learned!

Normally, in our fast-paced world there isn’t time for a backup plan.  We see a lot of employees without a backup plan.  I, of course, am an advocate of finding companies you’d be proud to work for.  Companies — plural.  I am not an advocate of finding a single company and putting all the eggs in one basket. Always….ALWAYS have a backup plan.  Whether you are looking for a new career, a new job, or you have a pretty good job right now.  ALWAYS have a short-list of companies you’d be proud to work with.

You don’t have to write that list down – although it helps, but you DO need to make contacts into your short-list of companies even when you are employed.  There will come a day when you decide to leave your company (or the company decides to leave you).  It will be far easier to get a new job if you’ve been making contact with your target company.

Start today.  Think of those companies you’d be proud to work for because of their ethics, environmental awareness, products/services, etc.  Get on LinkedIn, and research the company.  Then make some connections in those company.  Does a friend or family member work there?  Do you have a former co-worker that is there?  Are you in a LinkedIn Group with someone from that company?  Find a way to make a connection, and just reach out.  You’ll be glad you did — when the time comes.

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