The Job Search Boot Camp And Show

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For many episodes Angela and I have hosted The Job Search Boot Camp Show with special guests and career experts. Show statistics have shown that our Job Search Boot Camp “mini-edition” has pulled in the most listeners. When our guest this week had to cancel, we were able to get back to the basics in this fun and informative show!

The Job Search Boot Camp started as a half-day seminar where we taught people how to READY-AIM-GET HIRED! In this three step process we teach you the steps to get the job you want quicker and easier.

Listen to our mini-bootcamp show to get the time-tested techniques that really do work.

Chill Out Jack, You’re A Civilian Now!

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We completed 22 episodes of The Job Search Boot Camp Show this year. That makes a total of 42 episodes of our show with almost 17,000 downloads! This year we’ve discussed some great topics with tips and advice from experts on resumes, franchising, branding, motivation, technology and much more. We had some outstanding interviews with guests like Kathy Lansford-Powell who has been running the largest job club in central Texas for over 20 years, and another interview on business ownership with someone who was laid off from his career after 17 years of service and was in the beginning stages of business ownership.

Those shows are archived as podcasts on iTunes. If you aren’t an iTunes user, you can browse the shows at The Show Page.

This last show of 2010 featured Rhonda Moncibais of Synergy First & Associates. Rhonda is a visionary with her focus on helping men & women leaving the military to transition successfully into the civilian workplace.

Resumes, Resumes, Resumes!

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We visited with Michael Kranes on our Show. He is an award-winning Certified Advanced Resume Writer, and has been nominated for Most Creative Resume, Best Militiary Transition Resume, and Best Technical Resume in the Toast of the Resume Industry (TORI) awards.

Career Wizard

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Finding a job takes work. We know the pain and anguish over not being employed. Quite frankly, it sucks. When we have a job we hate working. When we don’t have a job, we can’t wait to work. Finding that balance of doing “something you love” for a “company you respect” is the recipe for work you love. Whether you are looking for work or looking for work you love, make sure you are taking the steps to find that Great Occupation!

Email Oblivion

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When sending in your resume, you are competing with many other candidates. Your email delivering your resume – or the system they use to scan your resume – may not be reaching the intended target. A great tip from guest, Doug Whatley, from The Job Search Boot Camp Show is to use the CC function of your email.