What Other Experts Are Saying – Refocus Your Job Search, Cover Letter Secrets & Recruiters’ Methods

In this week’s Friday Feature – “What Other Experts Are Saying”… How to re-energize your job hunt; are you smarter than a 6-yr old?; and recruiters are finding candidates differently these days….

Don’t Go It Alone: Job Seeker Networking Resources in Central Texas

Today’s article is focused on the Central Texas community because I thought it would be helpful for my neighbors here in Travis and Williamson counties to know about the wonderful resources available for networking with other job seekers. I live and breathe this stuff, but almost everyday I’m reminded that those new to job searching don’t know what’s out there to provide assistance and support. You don’t have to go it alone! If you don’t live in Central Texas and so can’t use the resources listed below…

Holiday Hiring

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Many job seekers put their job searches on hold during the holiday season. This could be a huge mistake according to Kathy Lansford-Powell, the leader of the Launch Pad Job Club – Central Texas largest job club with over 6,000 members. Kathy says her club typically sees about 30% more of her members hired in the last quarter than any other quarter during the year.

“Don’t be a resume” and other great networking tips

Yesterday I spoke to a job seekers group in town about networking and making a strong first impression. I borrowed from an older program I gave to Launch Pad Job Club in May of ’09 called Cultivating Connections During Career Transition. There’s what I call the “Lagniappe Section” of the presentation, which is specifically focused on job search networking versus general business networking. My fellow New Orleanians will know this already, but in case you’re not from New Orleans, lagniappe means …

The Power of Being Helpful

When I first met Jim Adcock more than a year ago, he was standing at the door during the beginning of the regular club meeting on a Friday. He didn’t know I was the featured speaker but warmly suggested where I could grab some refreshments and pointed out the open seats around the room. I jokingly asked him if he was the hospitality volunteer. He grinned and said, “Sure!” His nametag read, “Jim Adcock, The Spam Guy.” Naturally, I asked him the meaning. He explained that whenever he emailed his resume, he ran the risk of getting caught in spam filters because of the perceived pornographic nature of the last part of his name. This had apparently happened to him and taught him the importance of following up after sending his resume. What a great icebreaker! As we continued to talk, he explained that…

If you don’t have a job search support system, go get one

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By Angela Loeb Did you know that of the major life events that cause stress, you’ll find job loss or transition listed in the top 10?  This, in turn, can negatively impact your health.  To see just how much your health … Continued