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The Legality of Using Credit Reports in Hiring Decisions

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A couple of months ago someone in my professional network posed this question: “How legal is it to use credit reports to disqualify otherwise good quality applicants?” Interestingly, when this question was posed to me, I had just been networking with a small group over coffee the week before when this very topic came up. One of the people there, a recruiter who is with a financial services company, brought up the challenge that they have with hiring people with good credit scores. Obviously, this is a criteria for their company. This recruiter’s comments led to an informal discussion about the desire in their HR department for lightening up those kinds of hiring restrictions, especially in light of the economic…

7 Great LinkedIn Tips from Recruiter and Career Strategist Gary O’Neal

I think Gary O’Neal is a LinkedIn guru. He really knows his stuff and proved it during his presentation to the Austin Career Developers Network on Tuesday. As a recruiter, Gary seems to pretty much live on planet Linkedin. He said that 60% of the hires he’s made in the last year or so have started and ended on LinkedIn. As a career strategist, he provides an excellent perspective for job seekers. He helps you see how to leverage this helpful tool so recruiters can find you. When it comes to LinkedIn, here’s what Gary says…

7 Things You Need to Know to Work Well With Third-Party Recruiters

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How do you work with third-party recruiters to get optimal consideration for positions with their clients? Here are my seven best tips on working with recruiters: 1. Using more than one recruiter at a time depends on the size of the market and if they do regional or national searches. Don’t sign up with everybody…

5 Simple Strategies That Will Get You Hired Faster

Here are the 5 main things that I have observed over the last couple of decades that help people get hired faster. It’s not rocket science, people! 1. Get off the computer and get out there to meet people. Your resume is never going to be “perfect” so stop tweaking it before you start your search. And those job postings you’re seeing online? By the time you apply, it’s pretty much too late anyway. Yesterday, I was talking to a recruiter who said it well…

Job Search: “What you need to know to get noticed.”

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Surely, by now you’ve heard that recruiters are using social media to find job candidates. Years ago, recruiters would type keywords into their resume databases or into a job board resume database (I know, I was one of them!), but today they’re typing keywords into social media sites like LinkedIn. On today, you’ll find a succinct article and video news story about a job seeker who was found and eventually hired because of her online presence. The reporter also interviews a recruiter…

Now, what exactly do you mean by keywords?

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She asked me, “Now, exactly what do you mean by keywords?”

I had just told my client who relocated to Austin from a country on the other side of the globe to come up with some strong keywords for her LinkedIn profile – we were going to work together on her “Summary” and “Specialties” sections. Well, how do you explain something that you have taken for granted so many years? When I was a recruiter, I used keywords to…

Further Proof – they’re just not as interested in you, the job seeker

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Early last year I wrote a press release, Decrease in Online Job Ads Increases Pressure on Job Seekers, in which I pointed out a survey showing a decrease in the number of online ads being posted between November 2007 and January 2008 in spite of ongoing hiring. I was making the case that this increased the pressure on job seekers to find smarter strategies for finding job leads. Little did I know then that we were seeing a long-term trend.

Today while on one of my LinkedIn Groups, I noticed a member had posted this article from Reuters…

Third-Party Recruiters and Staffing Firms – Part II

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Below are two of the four ways I mentioned yesterday that you might work with recruiters and staffing firms. I’ve also added my thoughts about the pros and cons of each.

Contract employment is usually described as a long-term, project-based job during which you use professional-level skills. Projects can be short term or long term…

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