The Science Of Finding The Work You Love

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by Jay Markunas When we met Tom Cassidy in January, he educated us on what he called the sausage machine and the script.  I shared his thoughts in an earlier blog post.  On Saturday, we were pleased to host Tom … Continued

5 Simple Strategies That Will Get You Hired Faster

Here are the 5 main things that I have observed over the last couple of decades that help people get hired faster. It’s not rocket science, people! 1. Get off the computer and get out there to meet people. Your resume is never going to be “perfect” so stop tweaking it before you start your search. And those job postings you’re seeing online? By the time you apply, it’s pretty much too late anyway. Yesterday, I was talking to a recruiter who said it well…

Sausage Machine

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We met Tom Cassidy of e2a+ last week while he was on vacation from his home in London. Tom married a Texan, and they were back in Austin to visit family. He contacted us when he happened to see the article in the JobsPlus section of the Austin American Statesman.

Tom explained he works with clients in England who are going through career change. His process, however, brings in his background in science. He had us on the edge of our seat when he was explaining the quantum theory behind the movie The Secret.