Networking: On Being More Outgoing

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by Angela Loëb When I was in college, I was petrified about doing public speaking.  My speech class was far more challenging to endure then my French class… to this day I still can’t parle français even though I have a lot of French ancestry and should be able to!  Speech … Continued


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we teach you the techniques to ACE the interview and negotiate for 10%-30% more in compensation. The GET HIRED module is the backbone of getting a job. If you don’t do well in the interview, you won’t get the job. The hiring manager will make a “hire/no-hire” decision within the first 10 seconds of meeting you. Will you operate at a deficit, or will you form a “hire” opinion in those first few seconds?

Your Attitude Is Showing – Don’t Let It Sabotage You!

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By Angela Loeb Your words, phrases & body language reflect your attitude. Unless you are an award-winning actor or a con-artist extraordinaire, it’s very difficult to disguise your underlying attitude in your verbal and non-verbal communication. If you lack confidence, … Continued

How to Deal With an Extended Job Search

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As Confucius said over 2,000 years ago – “Find a career you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!” It’s over 2,000 years later. Are you in a career you love, or are you in a job you hate?

Is Your Body Language “Saying” What You Want Them To “Hear”?

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by Angela Loëb How you communicate with your body language is extremely important during networking and interviewing. It’s a huge factor in how well you communicate and “sell” the concept of brand you. Jan Hargrave, international body language consultant & … Continued