Navigating the Currents of a Career Change

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Sometimes making a change of direction can be daunting. So daunting that you sort of freeze up and say to yourself… well, maybe I’ll tackle this next month. Then next month becomes 6 months. And maybe even a year goes by before you look up and notice that you’re still drifting. You still haven’t made that career shift you were dreaming about. The solution is to create a plan to move forward. Last night I led a group of career explorers through a discussion of how to create such a plan. I took…

Attitude Strategies – because “Attitude is everything!”

Staying upbeat and positive during your job search or a career change can be extremely challenging. Doubts can creep in at every turn. It all seems like a series of rejections and actions without results. Yesterday, my friend and fellow career expert, Regina Moser observed that her clients who have a positive attitude, a “it’s going to happen no matter what” belief, seem to be doing much better in this employer’s job market…

How to Develop a Compelling Introduction Statement

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There are 2 certain facts of life that you have to face while job hunting. #1 is that you will need to network. And because of #1, you will need to do #2 – you will need to introduce yourself. Yesterday I talked about the 7 Steps to Developing Your Job Search Plan. Step #2 is “Assemble/Create Tools & Support,” and your introduction statement is another tool to…

Tough Interview Questions – Dealing with the Dark Side, Part I

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Today, I want to address a particular question that seems to trip up even the most confident interviewee: “What is your greatest weakness?” Early in my career, back when I was a recruiter, I used to ask these questions separately: What is your greatest strength?; What is your greatest weakness?; What do you like most about your job?; and What do you dislike most about your job? After a while I began to notice similarities. The answers I received from job candidates kept proving over and over that…

What will it take for you to shift?

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They say that those entering the workforce today are destined to have an average of 14-16 jobs before they retire. I personally think the average number will be higher than that. I also predict that those same workers will have 3-4 different careers in their lifetimes as well. Why? Because the experts say…

Find the Work You Love – It’s Definitely Worth It

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“Find the work you love” isn’t just some empty slogan we thought was catchy and so stuck it up there at the top of our website. This is Great Occupations’ driving purpose, and I personally walk the talk. I personally live this credo.

I used to be a recruiter in the staffing industry. It was something I sorta fell into and then stayed with for almost 15 years. After about a decade into my career, I began to feel a pull and tug to change directions, but I didn’t know…

Part III: “Setting Out to Explore” using the CareerFinder™ Method

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During the career changing process, some people encounter the multiple-direction dilemma. They see different possibilities and have a hard time making up their minds.

Take your time and remember to check in with your inner wisdom as you do your researching. Author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living Laurence Boldt, said, “You may not think so, but you really do know what you are here to do. Many of you are carrying around a great secret that you have yet to let yourself know.”

So, getting back to this multiple-direction dilemma. What do you do when you could go several directions? There are 3 main types that Jay & I talk about when we teach The CareerFinder™ Method, and we refer to them as…

Part II: “Setting Out to Explore” using the CareerFinder™ Method

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Changing careers can seem overwhelming when you don’t have a logical plan to follow. Sometimes I wonder… if someone had handed me something with step-by-step instructions like The CareerFinder™ Method back when I started exploring, would it have taken so long for me to shift gears? I wonder if it would have been a shorter and easier transition. Maybe so, but going through what I went through certainly helped me to understand that this is a better way!

Okay, so yesterday, we looked at the external researching process. Today, we want to look at how you get what you need in order to where you want to go. Once you’ve done some research on what the market wants, you need to compare that to what you’re missing. You need to…

Part I: “Setting Out to Explore” using the CareerFinder™ Method

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When setting out to explore, it is wise to keep your mind and heart open. To explore means “to search into or travel in for the purpose of discovery.” Columbus set out to discover a possible new route to the Far East. What he unexpectedly found, instead, was the “New World,” or what we know as the North and South American continents. We urge you to consider all the angles and be open to the possibilities as you investigate, inquire and research during this particular step. By the end of the journey, you might or might not be surprised by what you find. However, one thing is certain… if you allow fear or nay-saying – the “buts,” & “I can’ts” – to cloud your vision during this part of the discovery process, you will never come to see what lies ahead. Joseph Campbell said it well: “You must…