To Act On True Callings Requires Courage & Faith In Yourself

I’ve been skimming through a book called Callings: Finding and following an authentic Life by Gregg Levoy. It’s about vocational callings. The dictionary definition says that a vocation is “a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation.” Being “called,” as Levoy puts it, is to be summoned away…

VP of Monster Talks About Best Strategies for Job Hunting

The video below (click here if you’re not reading this at the site) features Gabriel Bouchard, VP of, who talks about the “hidden job market” and says that in addition to looking for a job online, you need to leverage relationships in your network. In 2:38 minutes, Bouchard summarizes very well the most critical things you need to know about effective job hunting. In addition to networking to find jobs that aren’t posted, he suggests you…

Attitude, Passion, Selling It & Acing The Interview

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This week I spoke to a gentleman on the west coast who told me that at the age of 51 and having struggling with health issues for the last year, he’s ready to just get a job – forget what he’s passionate about. Mmmm…. Well, if you’re familiar with my take on things, you know I didn’t let that pass. I told him about a…

Part III: “Setting Out to Explore” using the CareerFinder™ Method

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During the career changing process, some people encounter the multiple-direction dilemma. They see different possibilities and have a hard time making up their minds.

Take your time and remember to check in with your inner wisdom as you do your researching. Author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living Laurence Boldt, said, “You may not think so, but you really do know what you are here to do. Many of you are carrying around a great secret that you have yet to let yourself know.”

So, getting back to this multiple-direction dilemma. What do you do when you could go several directions? There are 3 main types that Jay & I talk about when we teach The CareerFinder™ Method, and we refer to them as…

Part II: “Setting Out to Explore” using the CareerFinder™ Method

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Changing careers can seem overwhelming when you don’t have a logical plan to follow. Sometimes I wonder… if someone had handed me something with step-by-step instructions like The CareerFinder™ Method back when I started exploring, would it have taken so long for me to shift gears? I wonder if it would have been a shorter and easier transition. Maybe so, but going through what I went through certainly helped me to understand that this is a better way!

Okay, so yesterday, we looked at the external researching process. Today, we want to look at how you get what you need in order to where you want to go. Once you’ve done some research on what the market wants, you need to compare that to what you’re missing. You need to…

Part I: “Setting Out to Explore” using the CareerFinder™ Method

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When setting out to explore, it is wise to keep your mind and heart open. To explore means “to search into or travel in for the purpose of discovery.” Columbus set out to discover a possible new route to the Far East. What he unexpectedly found, instead, was the “New World,” or what we know as the North and South American continents. We urge you to consider all the angles and be open to the possibilities as you investigate, inquire and research during this particular step. By the end of the journey, you might or might not be surprised by what you find. However, one thing is certain… if you allow fear or nay-saying – the “buts,” & “I can’ts” – to cloud your vision during this part of the discovery process, you will never come to see what lies ahead. Joseph Campbell said it well: “You must…

Our “Power Years” Give Us A Second Chance To Pursue Happiness

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A friend recommended a very interesting book called The Power Years: A User’s Guide to Rest of Your Life. The primary contributor, Dr. Ken Dychtwald, is a psychologist, gerontologist, documentary filmmaker, entrepreneur and best-selling author of sixteen books on aging-related issues.

In my first perusal of the book, the following main points really stood out for me.

We’ll be living longer and healthier than we used to.
In 1800 the average life expectancy was less than 40 years. Today, the average lifespan is…

Ignatius’ resume didn’t hold him back, nor should yours!

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I’m reading Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney, which is about the founding and subsequent success of the 450 year old “company” of the Jesuits. Beyond simply feeding my love of history, this book is opening my eyes to how leadership principles of the business world compare with what Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Catholic religious order, used as pillars in the forming of his organization in the 16th century.

But even more fascinating to me is learning about Ignatius’ meandering career path and how it didn’t come together for him until what was then considered the twilight of a man’s life. Did you know…

How Career Assessments Can Help With The Pieces Of Your Puzzle

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Using a behavioral assessment can be very helpful for validating what you might be already sensing are your strong propensities. They can also cause you to see things creatively by bringing more underlying common threads into focus.

However, I want to caution you to not rely solely on the results of these “tests.” Assessments don’t decide…