Job Search Boot Camp: AIM Your Search


Did you know that the mega-job boards are only about 7% effective in helping you find a job? And did you know that only 13% of open jobs are even advertised? If you’re feeling frustrated about your job search, now you know why!

In this course, you’ll see a way into the hidden job market and how to … Go From Job Seeker to Job FINDER!

Get insider advice from career experts with more than 40 years of combined experience. You’ll be motivated, inspired and gain the edge you need in today’s market. Experience a process that goes beyond just the theory of how to find the work you love.


Program Description


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn a job search strategy that is 86% effective
  • Get tips on networking that work for everyone, even introverts
  • See ways to conduct company research and aim at what you really want in your next job
  • Find out how to manage your time during your search and maintain your momentum
  • Download a workbook with samples, advice and exercises
  • 1.5 hours on-demand video

Who is this course for?

  • Anyone looking for a job
  • Anyone looking for a job and who’s fed up with waiting for replies from job ads
  • Anyone looking for a job and who knows they need tips on networking
  • Anyone looking for a faster way to find a job
  • Anyone wanting to find a job they love
  • This course is best for those who are looking for a job in the US market or with a US-based employer

About the Instructors:

Angela Loëb and Jay Markunas have successfully advised professionals on career management and transition strategies for a combined 40+ years. Together they inform, inspire and engage audiences with their unique approach of balancing the positive and the practical. More about them here:

NOTE:  This course is one of three in the Job Search Boot Camp series, recorded live by Angela & Jay in 2010. The other two are READY & GET HIRED! Since each part stands alone, it’s not necessary to complete the entire series. However, each part builds on the previous one, and so we recommend all three parts for maximum benefit.

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Program Outline

A Brief Introduction

Module 1: Prepare Your Strategy

  • Fine-Tune Your Aim
  • What You Need To Aim
  • Where To Aim

Module 2: Execute Your Search

  • Networking
  • Targeted Search Method – Part 1
  • Targeted Search Method – Part 2
  • Targeted Search Method – Part 3
  • Targeted Search Method – Part 4
  • Manage Your Time – General
  • Manage Your Time – Targeted Method
  • Manage Your Momentum

Wrap Up