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In this week’s Friday Feature – “What Other Experts Are Saying”… How to re-energize your job hunt; are you smarter than a 6-yr old?; and recruiters are finding candidates differently these days….

The Legality of Using Credit Reports in Hiring Decisions

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A couple of months ago someone in my professional network posed this question: “How legal is it to use credit reports to disqualify otherwise good quality applicants?” Interestingly, when this question was posed to me, I had just been networking with a small group over coffee the week before when this very topic came up. One of the people there, a recruiter who is with a financial services company, brought up the challenge that they have with hiring people with good credit scores. Obviously, this is a criteria for their company. This recruiter’s comments led to an informal discussion about the desire in their HR department for lightening up those kinds of hiring restrictions, especially in light of the economic…

Are you doing the work that was born in you?

“No man is born into the world whose work is not born with him.” -James Russell Lowell. A few months ago, a woman at one my workshops was stumped with a series of questions during the group-sharing portion of the module. The answer to these questions would reveal her childhood gifts and early interests, which would point the way to her work and the way she would…