What Other Experts Are Saying – Refocus Your Job Search, Cover Letter Secrets & Recruiters’ Methods

In this week’s Friday Feature – “What Other Experts Are Saying”… How to re-energize your job hunt; are you smarter than a 6-yr old?; and recruiters are finding candidates differently these days….

33 Basic, Advanced & Super-Advanced Strategies For Your Job Search

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1. List your plan areas. Typical job search plan areas for most folks include: Postings; Targeting Companies; Networking with Friends; and Networking with Business Contacts. The following is a breakdown of each plan area into the basic, advanced and super-advanced strategies you can use with each….

Social Recruiting

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The convenience of job postings, research, and connection opportunities are the main reason social media sites are seeing such an increase. You are going to find your job search is much more efficient when you embrace and leverage social media.

The Social Media Effect

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“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media. The question is how well we do it!” – Eric Qualman

Social media is the new mechanism to find work. Companies use it. Candidates use it. It is almost a one stop shop where you can find jobs, research a company, and make a connection without leaving the site.

Odds of Finding Your Next Job On A Major Job Board

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Can you find a job using a mega-job board?
Absolutely! The point isn’t that there aren’t valid jobs on Monster, CareerBuilder, or HotJobs. There are! The point is that when we are looking for a job, we tend to spend 90%-100% of our time while we neglect the other pieces of the job search which can help you find a job faster – like Targeted job searching, networking, and making personal connections with hiring authorities. When you are diversify your time betwen many job search methods, your job search will be shorter and more effective.