The Job Search Boot Camp And Show

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For many episodes Angela and I have hosted The Job Search Boot Camp Show with special guests and career experts. Show statistics have shown that our Job Search Boot Camp “mini-edition” has pulled in the most listeners. When our guest this week had to cancel, we were able to get back to the basics in this fun and informative show!

The Job Search Boot Camp started as a half-day seminar where we taught people how to READY-AIM-GET HIRED! In this three step process we teach you the steps to get the job you want quicker and easier.

Listen to our mini-bootcamp show to get the time-tested techniques that really do work.

Quick Tip for Job Search Networking with Former Colleagues

A Client’s Question: “A former colleague works for a company on my target list. Should I flat out ask if there are any opportunities at the company, or should I approach it in another more roundabout way?” Best Approach for Networking with Former Colleagues: Since your objective is to get your resume in front of the hiring authority, I would…

Job Search: “What you need to know to get noticed.”

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Surely, by now you’ve heard that recruiters are using social media to find job candidates. Years ago, recruiters would type keywords into their resume databases or into a job board resume database (I know, I was one of them!), but today they’re typing keywords into social media sites like LinkedIn. On today, you’ll find a succinct article and video news story about a job seeker who was found and eventually hired because of her online presence. The reporter also interviews a recruiter…

33 Basic, Advanced & Super-Advanced Strategies For Your Job Search

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1. List your plan areas. Typical job search plan areas for most folks include: Postings; Targeting Companies; Networking with Friends; and Networking with Business Contacts. The following is a breakdown of each plan area into the basic, advanced and super-advanced strategies you can use with each….

Survey says “84% of employees plan to look for a new position in 2011”

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CNN Money just came out with an article spotlighting the results of a recent survey. Personally, I’m not surprised by the results of this survey at all. After the last recession, something similar happened… workers who’d been hunkered down during the economic downswing started to put their feelers out there as soon as the skies began to brighten. I was a recruiter back then and received resumes from fully-employed candidates who were ready for the next job. Apparently, it’s happening again as we are seeing improvements in the market after this recent recession: “According to a recent survey by job-placement firm Manpower, 84% of employees plan to look for a new position in 2011. That’s up from just 60% last year.” The CNN article features the stories of two employees who plan to…

Use the Power of Networking in Your Job Search

It’s one thing for Jay and me to preach about the power of networking in your job search (even though we both have personal, hand-on experience knowledge of how effective it is!). Today I thought we’d take a look at those who’ve been through a career transition during the recession. Let’s see what they have to say… Job seeker, Aaron Koelzer, was highlighted this week in the “How I Got the Job” column at the Star website. Koelzer was recently hired as manager of local events and development at The Kansas City Sports Commission and Foundation. He got the job by …

Find the Hidden Job Market & Get Hired

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by Angela Loeb Recently, I came across a helpful article in The Houston Chronicle with ideas about gifts for college grads, and, of course, we’d like to add our special programs to the suggestion list! Read this excerpt from our press release, … Continued